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Personal skills

We can help you ensure all employees make the best contribution to the business, whether this is off the back of organisational change, growth or more general skills needs.

From front-line customer service staff, technical experts, project managers, policy makers to administrative staff and operational specialists, we help teams and individuals focus on core skills and behaviours to perform to their peak.

We do this by focusing on essential communication and interpersonal skills such as:

  • managing conflict

  • dealing with difference

  • influencing others

  • stakeholder management

  • team-working

  • assertiveness

  • personal resilience

  • making an impact

  • time-management

  • presentation skills.

...the list is pretty extensive!

This work is our bread-and-butter, and we love it! And in turn our clients love what we do.

They say our pragmatic, experiential approach and down-to-earth facilitators ensure our training is enjoyable, engaging and importantly, makes a tangible difference.