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New Year 2018 newsletter


Transforming the graduate / student market - from AGR to ISE

For those of you with graduate/student populations, did you know that the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) is now the Institute of Student Employers (ISE)? As with all re-brands it will take a little bit of getting used to! For those of you not familiar with what they do, they’re a membership body that runs well-established Development and Recruitment Conferences as well as Sector specific interest groups. They are highly research led and publish a variety of insightful surveys and reports around talent.

Appetite for talent

We’re now in the third year of running our cross-industry employer led Talent Forum. With attendees from L&D roles in a cross-section of industries, some interesting themes and insights have emerged including:

Attraction: Many organisations struggle to recruit specialists into ‘hidden industries’ and/or ‘hidden roles’. Away from the glitz and perceived glamour of ‘household’ names, many lesser-known companies struggle to cut-through and recruit top talent.

Development: The vast majority of organisations consider different learning styles when designing and delivering training, but not the fact many need to cater for an increasingly age diverse workforce. 

Retention: Involving the ‘right’ champions from the business to ‘endorse’ development programmes in terms of role-models at a senior level coupled with effective line-managers, combine to play an invaluable part in retaining talent.

ROI: What’s the point? Is ROI a genuine business requirement or do L&D see it as a way of justifying their worth? Sometimes the intention is unclear!

Critical leadership skills gaps

Hardly a week goes by without an article around critical leadership skills gaps, how they can be identified, the consistent themes are and how these skills can be ‘developed’ - and how these skills influence organisational performance. The vast majority conclude that it’s emotional intelligence (and its many different elements) that matters most. The good news is that emotional intelligence is highly ‘developable’! One such article by Bruce E Roselle in the Harvard Business Review cites the following five gaps: Develops talent, values difference, demonstrates self-awareness, adapts to situations and builds effective teams. Again the essence of emotional intelligence.

As Daniel Goleman also suggests in a recent article with Richard E. Boyatzis, it’s not just about focusing on one particular area, it’s about ensuring an even and well-balanced spread of emotional intelligence across the core domains of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

One key question that often gets asked is what to focus on first. In an ideal world this means you need to ‘identify’ core strengths and development areas (across a leadership population) that you can then compare to organisational priorities and/or competencies in order to create a development strategy and plan.

What’s encouraging is not just the prevalence of articles around this theme, but how much more you hear of organisations adopting this rigorous approach to ‘quantify’ the value and importance of emotional intelligence and present a strong commercial rationale for leadership development.

The world as we see it

Working ‘supplier’ side brings its own unique challenges. For those of you who know us or are interested in what we’ve been focusing on, here are a few of the highlights from 2017:  

  • Running a plenary session with one of our large graduate clients at the AGR Development Conference in March around ‘Joined up development; Introducing the next generation approach’.
  • Continuing the Interaction roadshow with an interactive showcase at the London CIPD L&D Show entitled, ‘Investing in the Future: driving change through early talent development’.
  • Building the success of our employer led networking and best practice sharing Talent Forum. Highlights include guest speakers focusing on the Apprentice Levy and emotional intelligence as well as employer sharing slots from National Grid and Aggregate Industries. We were also delighted to host the Forum at The Shard - with important time built into the agenda to look over the amazing London skyline!

If you’re an employer and would like to find out more, please get in touch and/or look here.

New clients

We’ve enjoyed taking on some new FTSE 100 graduate work and are delighted to be working with Macmillan Cancer Support on their new management development programme.  To support such a worthwhile cause, we ran our own Coffee Morning and raised a nice amount of money, as well as making ourselves feel a bit sick eating so much cake!

In other news

In 2017 we updated and refreshed our Interaction brand and launched a new website to help people get a feel for us, what we do and what makes us different.  Interestingly we have noticed the most visited pages are Case Studies and Who We Are!

Any feedback gratefully received!

And finally, not to lose sight of what we do and what we do best, below are a couple of our favourite pieces of feedback:

"A truly great week, thanks to a super
programme and flawless facilitation"
"Thought provoking and empowering"