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Leadership and management development

The need for effective leadership in today’s complex, competitive and ever-changing working world is great. Long-term survival depends upon it.

We work in partnership with all types of organisations to help drive leadership capability at all levels of the business. From traditional to modern matrix structures, international to domestically based, large to small, we help make:

  • managers into leaders
  • great leaders out of good leaders
  • personal leadership an employee-wide skill

We’re renowned for working with technical specialists to credibly land the message that behaviour matters, and help shift their focus from task to people management.

Business focus - Overcoming resistance to change and/or a shift in style is common, so central to our training is the rationale that leadership behaviours drive business results – effective leadership isn’t a nice to do, it’s a need to do.

Start-point – Increasing self and other awareness is essential and the essence of emotional-intelligence. We often use psychometrics and 360 degree feedback followed by real practice and feedback through experiential tasks, business simulations, actor-based real play, select theory inputs and facilitated discussions.

Tailored approach – We work with your business needs and leadership capabilities to help you enhance the leadership skills and attributes that fit your culture.

Core behaviours - For some this may be about resilience and managing chance, for others it's driving visionary behaviours and big-picture thinking – there’s no one-stop shop to good leadership, but where there’s capability, there’s opportunity – and this is where we can help.