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Did you know we are Employee Owned?


Today is ‘EO Day’ and the Employee Ownership Association has been encouraging its members to tell their story.  So, here’s ours…


Interaction’s owners and founders, who had started the company in 1995,  started working part-time as they took up other interests.


We started talking about a possible management buy-out by the permanent employees, and came across the concept of Employee Ownership; we liked it - it made the purchase more affordable and offered a sustainable solution for the business into the future, and we joined the EOA.


We engaged Baxendale who ably helped to steer us all, owners and employees, through the process of becoming Employee Owned.


In September 2015 the deal was done and ownership of the business passed from the founders to the employees;  we currently have a hybrid scheme, with the majority of shares being held in trust, and a small percentage currently owned directly by the employees who were here when the story started in 2007.


We paid our first profit-share as an Employee Owned company, and have paid one each year since.

We're recruiting for a Part-time Admin Assistant

We are looking for a self-motivated Admin Assistant to provide part-time support to our current admin team of three.   We imagine this will be 10 hours a week but this is negotiable.  School hours and term-time only considered. 

If this sounds interesting, head over to Total Jobs for the full job description and to apply.  The deadline for applications is Wednesday 12th July 2017.  No agencies please.

Go to Total Jobs

My first week with Interaction!

On Tuesday this week I joined the Interaction team with the ‘Collaborating in Teams’ module of a prestigious Graduate Development Programme. Over three days, through a mix of carefully crafted experiential activity and guided reflection, we explored ideas including behavioural flexibility, ‘virtual’ teams, and the factors influencing team effectiveness in modern business. We have guided delegates through a strengths-based approach, and looked at some practical ideas around recognizing team dynamics and collaborating successfully as a graduate in today’s workplace.

Take opportunities and get familiar with the numbers

The cohort were lucky enough to be addressed by the CFO during a ‘formal’ dinner night. He encouraged them to take opportunities and to quickly ‘get familiar with the numbers’. At the end of a busy but thoroughly enjoyable few days the delegates spent some quality time committing to some pragmatic actions, with ongoing support in place from colleagues and business mentors.

Where I have seen this type of work failing to have the impact it should is when the learning is not delivered experientially so that learners only conceptually understand the issues at hand but can’t translate that into practice. There is also danger when someone develops a clearer understanding of their interpersonal impact but fails to recognise it as a preference rather than a rigid (often defensive) definition. By really challenging learners this week to stretch themselves in very specific ways, often to an uncomfortable degree but with appropriate support in place, we saw some genuinely transformational results, and had a great time in the process.

So that’s my first week done. I wonder what week 2 will bring…