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Experiential learning

Transfer of learning: a need to do, not a nice to do

The results of training depend on how well learning is transferred back to work.  It’s not a nice to do, but a need to do for clients to see returns on their investment.

All our behavioural programmes are built around Kolb’s learning cycle. Experience tells us that an experiential approach with a strong emphasis on ‘So what?’ ensures that delegates translate learning and insight in to their day-to-day worlds.

But this isn’t enough in itself. Learning on programmes must be hard-wired in to business realities and steps must be taken to encourage learning to be applied and embedded. Engaging line-managers/mentors and equipping them with the skills to coach and support people to achieve their objectives is essential.

Peer coaching and support is also valuable as a more informal and self-managed method. Relationships and precedents can be set on programmes that continue long in to the future. This can also include Action Learning Sets - which, although vary from company to company in terms of their

Providing transfer of learning activities is also important. For behavioural training, these can take many forms. It’s important to provide a variety of options to cater for different learning styles, from simple paper-based exercises, project work, to online methods (of which they are many) to formal/informal coaching.

Although the options and learning are ultimately individual, the parameters must however link back to programme objectives which in turn are ideally hard-wired in to defined behavioural competencies stemming from strategic goals and organisational vision.

So for us, although our primary focus is on the 10 (from the all important 70:20:10 principle), our approach is to start with the 70 and work back through the 20 to establish how and what our 10 needs to deliver.

Transfer of learning for us is about linking learning seamlessly between work realities, colleagues and support, and the training itself.

Tomorrow's leaders -building capability in today's world

On 14 May at the CIPD L&D show in London, we will be presenting a showcase session in the Learning Arena entitled; Tomorrow’s leaders - using behavioural science to build capability.

We’re going to explore the challenges facing the next generation of leaders and draw on the latest advances in behavioural science to examine what the priorities are - and how best to develop them.

We’ll also critically look at the ways in which an experiential approach to leadership and talent development delivers against the evolving needs of both today’s leaders, and clients. 

Look forward to seeing to seeing you there! You can also come along anytime on13-14 May to see us on stand number 453.

Leadership summits that work

This is an interesting article and debate started by Harvard Business Review. For today’s time poor organisations and leaders, what makes for an effective summit? Is there a ‘magic formula’ or is it sometimes that these large, high-profile sessions need to move with the times and continually evolve the format? It would be interesting to get a UK perespective.

In reading the article and ensuing debate, there are also some interesting parallels to be made to effective leadership training. Although the objectives are perhaps slightly different, the underlying principles are the same. To make sure leadership training (at all levels) delivers results, clarification of objectives, engagement, interaction, flexibility and follow-up are critical. Delivering the training in a relevant and time efficient way is also key.

Engaging line managers - a case of needs must

The pace of change in business, together with cuts in training budgets, place the focus squarely on line managers to support self-managed learning.

But what does real line manager engagement in staff development look, and sound like? And is it really happening in your organisation?

If you’re interested to hear more about how to truly get managers’ on board, come and hear our seminar about  ‘Engaging line managers in the learning journey’ at the upcoming Learning and Skills conference on Weds 29 January at 13.45.

We’ll also be exhibiting on stand 385 so come and meet us!

Come and meet us at the World of Learning Conference

Taking place on 1-2 October at the NEC Birmingham, this year’s conference promises to be even bigger and better than before.

We are delighted to announce we will be running a seminar with our client Costain entitled ‘Aligning L&D strategy to organisational development’  - this promises to provide valuable insights into how topline strategy informs training programmes.

To support the seminar we are running a survey to get your views on how well business strategy L&D are aligned - a free copy of the report will be available to everyone who participates.

We will also be exhibiting on stand G100 - so come and meet us to find out more about our tried and tested experiential approach and award winning programmes.