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HBDI Certification

Simon, one of our senior consultants, has just completed his HBDI certification workshop.  The HBDI tool helps individuals, groups and teams understand theirs and others thinking preferences. 

Simon will be using HBDI straight away with individuals and teams from a global food manufacturer and retailer as they look to integrate teams following a number of acquisitions.


Engaging the business

We designed a bespoke HR consulting skills programme with a client to help their HR team make the transition from business partners to consultants.  This is a strategic shift in the HR service to support the new global operating model of the business.

The first workshop centered around helping consultants make plans to effectively engage key stakeholders.

It was the first time the team had come together for some time and so part of the opportunity was to create some shared learning objectives.

When we meet again in June we will be reviewing stakeholder plans and concentrating on those consulting skills that will make a difference to the team.

IEMA Conference

It might appear a little strange that we would attend the The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment Conference in London but our work around behaviour means that we become involved with a variety of organisations, occupations and professions.

IEMA auditors tend to be technical in background and focus.  Their credibility and confidence comes from knowing what to do and say.  However relying on this alone is limiting.  Effective auditors, much like effective consultants and business partners, understand they are influencing different outcomes and behaviours within the organisation they are working with.

Our work with auditors, consultants and business partners has brought about excellent results by blending technical and behavioural skills into an experience that enables participants to become more effective.

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