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Apprenticeship Levy – Are you prepared?

The AGR are looking for contributors for their Graduate Recruiter magazine around the theme of ‘Apprenticeship Levy – Are you prepared?’

They’re looking for volunteers to write an article for the April/May issue and want to hear how employers are preparing their apprentice attraction, selection, recruitment and development plans. Subjects they’re looking to explore (alongside any of your own suggestions) are:

  • Will you be extending your graduate scheme for the apprentices, or have you created a new scheme for apprentices?
  • What are the strategies for attraction, given that many may come straight from further education?
  • How long will your apprentice schemes be for?
  • Do you plan to look within your company as well as outside?
  • Have you already been successfully recruiting apprentices, so welcome the additional help the Levy will bring?

At this stage they’re just interested in ideas so would need two/three sentences about the focus of your article by Friday 3rd February. The person to contact if you are interested in being involved is Tej Kaur Rai (their Communications Officer) email: 

We're showcasing at the AGR Development Conference

We’re very excited to announce that we will be delivering a showcase session at the AGR Development Conference at 14.15.

Entitled ‘Engaging hearts and minds: How best to win over learners, line managers and the business’ our interactive and facilitated skills session will use professional actors to help you enhance your ability to engage and influence people across the business.