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It's National Work Life week

How progressive is your organisation? It's no surprise in today's world that there is an increasing focus on Work-Life - and ensuring there's a balance between the two - hence it being National Work Life week!  There is much greater understanding and emphasis on how Work Life can be successfully balanced with home/family/other commitments - in a progressive and more flexible way. Although as ever, some industries and organisations are more ahead of the game than others! We have noticed just how much the younger generations not just want but 'expect' a work-life balance now when they start work. Our Early Talent clients can cite many examples of how they are working with their organisations and line-managers to shift cultures (role permitting of course) away from inflexible and rigid working patterns to a more modern approach of 'delivering against objectives' - within more flexible working arrangements. 

What experiences can you share of what works and what doesn't within your organisation?