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It's not how smart you are-but how you're smart...

This week, Stephen Isherwood, the Chief Executive of the AGR, backed the Higher Education Academy’s proposal to replace the current degree award system with a grade point average (GPA), to provide more more detailed information on individual academic achievement. With employees increasingly demanding - and two-thirds of 2014 graduates achieving - a 2:1, there are genuine fears that business is fuelling the practice of ‘grade inflation’ in universities. A GPA system could certainly provide a tool for employers to help identify those applicants with the greatest intellectual and technical capabilities. But let’s not forget that whilst IQ is a clear predictor of success, it’s likely to be short-lived unless high-flyers develop the learning agility to become aware of self-limiting behaviour patterns and commit to habit change. Dan Goleman proves this unequivocally in ‘Focus’ where he shows us how the development of social and emotional skills can contribute to success in both academia and life. At Interaction, these are the abilities that we nurture in our graduate development programmes.