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Introducing Emotional Intelligence to emerging talent

It’s amazing how powerful an Emotional Intelligence tool can be to provide a different and comprehensive perspective on strengths and development areas. - particularly for emerging talent

We’ve just been running a Development Centre for graduates who’ve come to the end of their 18 month programme. This involves a series of placements alongside behavioural and technical development. The graduates are now about to embark on their first permanent post.

As part of the Development Centre we used JCA’s well-established EI questionnaire and following a group input, provided 1:1 coaching to help the graduates explore their profiles in greater depth.

What was striking was the inquisitiveness of the graduates to not only interpret their reports but to identify pragmatic steps for improvement. The exercise provided a powerful way of pulling together different strands of feedback, learning and understanding and also, through the coaching conversations, provided a clear focus for the next stage of development – alongside their all-important first substantive post.