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Change management is a core competency

This week ‘s inaugral Driving Change conference in London was a great event with a great breadth of speakers from Cafcass to Network Rail, Alpro to the NHS. I was struck by both the similarity of certain stories and challenges and, despite the range of industries, by the overriding view that change management is a vital competency of today’s leaders.

Some organisations are more progressive than others in acknowledging this and supporting the skills and behavioural shifts that are required to both initiate, drive, support and cope with change. Network Rail goes further to identify line-mangers as a critical group and pivotal in legitimising the change (to their teams). In fact they recognise that ‘change is a core responsibility, not a chore’, neither is it a choice. for their managers.

Reinforcing this view at a more higher level was Alpro who stated that the main reason for the churn of senior leaders or managers was often due to ‘mis-management of change’. 

Perhaps one of the most striking comments from the conference came from LV who, in talking about managing change, stated there’s often ‘no time to do it right, but time to do it twice’.

This reference to a need to stop, plan, engage and enable both process and people to manage, drive and embed change was a strong reminder of a more haste, less speedapproach being not just desirable, but essential. We need to initiate, run alongside and respond to change, but success is often all in the planning (and engaging, and training….).