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Student success

Our work this year has seen us extend our offering further into student development.  Our knowledge of graduate development, based on over 20 years of experience in different sectors, made this step all the more natural.

One success that we particularly proud of is our work with National Grid Interns and Industrial Placement students.  National Grid is an organisation already committed to student development and has a long history of developing talent for all parts of the organisation.  This year had seen a step change in how it develops students and provides the right platform for a career in the organisation.

Our success measures will be seen over the next 2-5 years as we look at how students develop in their time with National Grid and the future choices they make about the careers.  Early signs are look good.  Students have been quick to comment on ever popular Target Jobs site – read their comments here.

When we asked Jenni Uotila. Development Programme Lead at National Grid how she would describe our involvement, she put it like this:

‘We have worked with Interaction consultants for more than a decade as they are training providers for our award winning Graduate development programme.

Because our Intern programme acts as a talent pipeline for the Graduate programme, we asked Interaction learning & development to design, deliver and facilitate a course for the Interns. We wanted this course to prepare the Interns for their summer placements with us, to prepare them for the transition from a University to a working life in a global company. We wanted to offer our Interns management training as we believe that our new talent  will create the future by becoming our senior leaders.

During the training course, Interaction consultants took our Interns on a journey to explore how values and beliefs shape our behaviours, what is our role in a team, how do we become more self-aware; how do you come across to the others and how to communicate with impact.  

Interaction delivered a great course with a 100% customer satisfaction score.  Interaction always energise, engage and capture their audience.’