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Leadership skills in times of change

Yesterday we went to the HR Change and Transformation Conference in London. Despite the diverse mix of organisations that were there, a common issue emerged – that the rate and pace of change in organisations is only set to increase.  Not particularly ground breaking or even new news to many. But what did become clear from a few of the sessions is the shift in how organisations are starting to encourage, recognise and develop leaders. 

One striking case study outlined how long-standing leadership capabilities were ‘suddenly’ rewritten to place much greater emphasis on skills and attributes that drive and support change.  Another company spoke of renewed interest in the positive culture leaders help shape through creative thinking and innovation – with recognition systems heavily weighted towards these skills.

We have noticed that as a result of these changes, over-time, the focus and outcomes for some of our leadership and graduate programmes have subtly shifted.  For example one of our clients identified a genuine business and strategic need for ‘key talent’ to instil a dynamic and versatile mind set and more overtly drive culture change. They recognised that without this, the organisation would lose out to aggressive competition in the near future.  So we are currently reworking our development programme to not only deliver against this need, but support our L&D client in evaluating its success.   

Watch this space for the results!