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HR trends and predictions

The CIPD barometer report summarising HR trends in 2011 and predicting trends for 2012 makes interesting reading. One of the most striking findings is that 75% of organisations find it difficult to fill vacancies with the main reason being lack of specialist and technical skills. Also worrying is the increased worsening perception by employees of leaders with particularly poor perception in consultation, confidence and trust.

In learning and development the findings are similar to previous years with coaching by line managers and in-house development programmes remaining to be seen as the most effective development practice for employees. For leaders it is a different story - coaching by external coaches and attending external conferences, workshops and events and seen as the most effective approaches.

The gap between private and public sector seems to be widening with job satisfaction amongst public sector workers falling.

Predictions for 2012 are for trends to remain similar to 2011 with particular concern raised about the high unemployment of young people in the UK and uncertainty about the Euro zone.