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CIPD summer report

There are some interesting findings in this summer’s cipd report which seems to me to be quite a mixed bag of findings. For example, whilst confidence and trust in employees’ immediate manager remains high, there is a rise in negative feelings about senior management. In particular, employees do not feel that senior managers consult them about important decisions and lack confidence in their leadership.

Not surprisingly given rising costs, there seems to also be an increase in employees reporting financial hardship. Whilst 67% of employees say they will remain with their current employer, 54% say that if they did move it would be to increase salary and benefits. When combined with the data regarding possibility of job loss and likelihood of finding a new post, this seems to suggest that people are staying with current employers because of uncertainty in the job market and the economy. It also indicates how salary has become more of an issue for many employees with job satisfaction being the second reason for moving and learning new things the third.

On this note, 26% of employees reported as having coaching always or usually from their manager, 38% discuss training and development needs with their manager and 43% receive feedback about thier performance.

Overall job satisfaction has stayed at the same level. Employees in the voluntary sector are likely to be most satisfied and those aged 55+ are the most satisfied. The youngest employees (18-24) are the least satisfied.

With the focus on financial hardship increasing and employees feeling worse off, I wonder what impact this will have on training and development. If some of the basic hygiene factors are not met, will this mean employees are less willing or able to engage with development?