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Back from the AGR Annual Conference

We had another good experience this year at the annual AGR Conference.  Thanks to all those who came to see us on our stand.  It was great meeting new people and catching up with people we know already.

Thanks to all those people who spent time filling in our survey on internships.  We will collate the results and send them out to you shortly.

The conference provided useful insights as to how recruiters and developers are reacting to the economic changes.  What was pleasing to hear was most organisations had maintained their graduate development programmes through some pretty challenging times.  It demonstrates the commitment from organisations to recruiting a population of people, who with the right development can provide value to the organisation at different levels.

The AGR survey results indicated that most organisations are using retention as a way of measuring a programmes value.  This is a useful measure as long as the organisation is retaining the right graduates.  Not all graduates flourish as expected and during these uncertain times graduates are more likely to remain at an organisation that might not be right for them.

Getting data that is meaningful and helpful does require commitment and some sophistication.  If recruiters are absolutely clear about why and who they are recruiting and developers are clear about the programmes immediate and future outcomes then good evaluation can be achieved.

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