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Leadership through practical performance management

Leadership development was among the top three development needs identified by organisations who took part in the CIPD Learning and development survey 2010. Specifically performance management and leading and managing change were identified as the top development needs for leaders.

When organisations look to improve performance management they typically look at the process, redesign the paperwork and possibly reinvent competencies or role profiles rather than address the real challenge which is about getting managers and leaders to do it well.

Performance management training or development tends to focus on handling difficult conversations and managing underperformance. But managing performance is much more than this. It requires an understanding of what affects performance at work. Providing clarity about job purpose and objectives and how this supports the business is a key part of performance management along with the skill of being able to assess performance and identify the causes of underperformance.

Giving feedback and coaching are obviously key skills which can be developed over time once the basic understanding and awareness has been grasped.

Our approach is to work over time with leaders to ensure that they understand how to set performance standards as well as developing the skills to assess and develop individuals. The next stage is to provide development in coaching and mentoring skills so they can support indidiual and team development. Over 12-18 months leaders gradually acquire the skills and understanding, taking time to apply what they learn. Highly practical workshops provide plenty of opportunity to try out new approaches and receive feedback. 

Outcomes include higher employee engagement, increased overall performance and more accurate performance data that can be used for recruitment, talent management and development needs analysis.

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