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Training hard and soft skills combined

I’ve just come back from running a 3-day programme in partnership with some consultants from Enviros.

This is quite an unusual mix in terms of subject matter, training content, and approach. Essentially, we are delivering a programme to assist people in a regulatory role in developing their skills for better long term outcomes with those they regulate - it’s a really challenging balance they have to strike!

The way we have chosen to achieve this mix is through a variety of inputs covering hard technical skills with soft influencing perspective, all woven around a business simulation which presents 3 “case studies” taken from real world situations. This simulation is then supported with actors playing the roles of key stakeholders.

To make this work, we’ve invested a great deal in building our team:

  • We all need to fully understand the strategic drivers facing the client and the complexities facing employees as they try to implement this strategy.
  • We all need to understand the underpinning theory of the programme whether it falls into our field of expertise or not.
  • We need to learn to flex our style of training so we present a consistent and credible face to the people on the programme.

A programme such as this presents unique challenges. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve learned from my co-presenters and the challenge of working together, and how much I’ve enjoyed it.

More importantly, we appear to be getting good results and further sign-up.

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