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Last week a colleague and myself ran a Business and Strategic awareness programme for a group of twenty three graduates. The programme is the third module in an eighteen month programme that we run for one of our key clients - a large multi-national. I was struck by the impact that it had on the graduates, many of whom said it was the best module that they have attended so far.

I have always been an advocate of providing business awareness training for all levels of management as I am a strong believer in clarity being a key influence on your performance. The clearer you are about the key drivers that affect the business you work for and how it makes money or serves its clients, the easier it is to make decisions and prioritise your work.

The programme covers key aspects of financial management and business strategy. We are fortunate to have an associate who is a qualified accountant as well as an experienced facilitator so we are able to present these potentially “dry” topics in an engaging way. We also get a couple of the company’s finance managers along to lead a couple of sessions so that they can put the theory into the business context. One of the guest speakers got the graduates to act as investors to demonstrate how the stock market performs. Whilst simple, the exercise allowed him to share lots of insights and anecdotes into investor relations.

A presentation by the Chief Executive provided the business context as well as demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to the graduate programme.
The programme was extremely powerful and I have no doubt that the graduates will be more focused and productive as a result.

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