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Graduate development master class

We are really pleased to have been invited to talk at this AGR master class on ‘Engaging line managers in graduate development’ on Friday 30 May in London.
The reason we’re so pleased is that it is a topic that is close to our heart! We all feel very strongly about the importance of supporting all development programmes and in particular those of graduates. The reason for this is that there is strong evidence linking the success of graduate programmes with the level of line manager support. However, what we know is that there is often a mismatch between the level of support given and the level required. This can make the difference between a graduate staying (and delivering good return on investment) or leaving.
I have personal experience of this having joined a graduate scheme only to leave 18 months later because the training and development did not meet what I expected and my line managers did not offer me the support I needed.
So our session will give us the chance to explore the challenges line managers face in supporting graduates. We’ll draw on our work with a range of organisations to share how to win line managers’ engagement, commitment, and active support. Hope to see you there.