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The power of feedback

Recently a client asked me help support a senior manager within their organisation. They wanted him to receive some 360° feedback and wanted it to be gathered through 1:1 conversations and the feedback delivered face to face.

I took a structured approach by preparing some statements around leadership, influencing and communication and devised a simple scoring system. I asked each person to score the statement and then captured their comments to help explain the score.

I spoke to a range of people including direct reports, colleagues and the individual’s line manager. Then, once the interviews were complete I compiled a report showing graphical information and the comments under each area.

To be honest I was quite concerned about delivering the feedback as it was very honest and I wanted it to be helpful not demoralising. However, by following the structure (and trusting the process!) I was struck by how helpful he found it.

Crucially, through the visual data on the graph he was able see clearly and accept the areas he needed to work on alongside the areas where his strengths were. From there we were able to start to plan how to make the changes.

It felt really good to know that my client actively supports their senior managers to grow and develop, and I was able to gather and give the feedback in such a way that it was constructive and helpful to him.