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Focus on graduates

It’s the time of year when students have finals in their sights and are preparing for the world of work. In light of the current market instability, you’d think it would be a frightening time for graduates entering the job market. Yet the latest research from the Associate of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) suggests that despite this, the level of graduate vacancies is predicted to rise for the fifth year running. The reason for this is that graduates are becoming increasingly selective in the jobs they accept and employers don’t always find enough graduates with the right skills. This is why increasingly employers are looking overseas to fill their graduate programmes.
I think it’s a really interesting time for graduate recruitment and development and our graduate work has shown us that personal development is high on the list for graduates when identifying potential employers.
If you’re interested, there’s a one-day conference that we’re going to that looks at how to attract and develop graduate talent. It’s being run by AGR on April 14 in London and is called ‘Delivering the Promise’.