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In the "real world"

Last week I had the opportunity to head out to the “real world” with a client. I am in the process of designing a programme which combines both technical and behavioural learning and it was really important for me to gain awareness of the environment delegates work in and people they will be working with. The day was fantastic and at one point I was stood in mud, in wellies, hard hat and high-vis jacket!!

I think it is really important when designing any training to go and find out what actually happens for someone at work. Even though it was only one day I was able to pick-up some knowledge that will help me tailor the design and facilitation of the program.

For anyone heading out to the “real world”, remember your questioning and listening skills. I found people responded best to simple down-to-earth questions, rather than the pre-written convoluted ones that make the other person feel like they are just part of a survey.