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Donald Kirkpatrick on learning evaluation

It’s been almost 50 years since Kirkpatrick gave us his “four levels”, Reaction, Learning, Behaviour and Results, to help us evaluate learning interventions.

This interview of Kirkpatrick in Training Zone is interesting to read, as are the questions put to him by readers. When questioned about the “newer” concept of ROI in training, he seems to prefer to stick with his model and the idea that “the Board” will judge results against their expectations.

How do the two approaches differ in reality? In our experience, when an organisation is constantly looking for the impact, they also invest more in follow-up and feedback, and this in itself has a huge positive impact on results. This clarity of purpose also informs delegates and helps them to work out their contribution to the organisation.

We’ve always found that clearly understanding the business impact a client is looking for makes for a fruitful and long lasting relationship. Our ultimate goal is to make a positive contribution to the business. One notable example of where we and the client made a big impact by focusing on business results is here, or you can search our website for more related content.