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More than just training

We’re setting out on a project with a client that will combine technical with behavioural training. The project will involve designing and delivering sets of 4 short modules for at least 8 groups of delegates. To do this we’re working with both the client and a technical training company.

It strikes me that we’ve been able to easily offer more than just our training expertise already, for example:

  • With the importance of communication in mind we are suggesting we set up and host a shared workspace. This will make it easy to share files, and to talk to everyone involved.
  • We can offer useable templates for documents, branded to suit the client’s requirements.
  • We’ve also been able to provide a comfortable and professional meeting facility for the group, which is particularly relevant when it is a client who struggles to book meeting room space.

The programme is due to pilot in March so it’s going to be a busy time!