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Sharing knowledge

Last week we ran another one of our quarterly forums - a regular event that we have for the office team and associates. The forums serve a number of functions. They force us to do some reading and research - something that is often overtaken by more pressing work! They also enable us to discuss topics and issues and to share ideas. We are keen to keep our programmes up to date and fresh and the forums provide a place where new ideas can be discussed. I was really struck last week by the value of the forums - the topic we had picked was influencing and assertiveness as this is an area that we do a lot of work on with clients. In just two hours we had generated a long list of ideas for exercises and activities. We also explored the link of influencing skills to assertive behaviour and self belief and the extent to which this should be explored with delegates.One of the challenges we face along with many other organisations is how to share the vast knowledge and experience of our team. The forums certainly provide a vehicle for doing this.

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