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I have been thinking a lot about teams recently - I am currently working with a colleague designing a team event for one of our clients. I really enjoy team development work - it tends to be one of the areas of our work where you do see visible and immediate change in behaviour. I also get a real buzz when I work on projects where the link to the business is clear and easy to make.

I tend to work with a simple model which is about identifying the key elements of the team’s work or output that is clearly affected by how well they work as a team. By focusing on the link between the team and their results the event has clear focus and application to work is obvious and straightforward.
In the course of my research, I came across an article in the Harvard Business Review online which I found really helpful. Here’s the link.

The sentiment that effective teamwork can be acheived by playing on the strengths of team members is something that really appeals to me. I am also struck by the effectiveness of the team leader’s quiet and gentle approach.