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More task design

We are all about experiential learning - giving people real experiences to learn from rather than just the theory. And we need a huge range of experiences to draw upon so we can make these fit the specific needs of the client organisation and the people coming on programmes.

Necessity is often the mother of invention, and quite rightly too, as every situation is different and we also pride ourselves on designing bespoke programmes.

But we have to work hard at being creative and sometimes the process needs some priming, so we’re going to have a 2-day event with our associate facilitators to come up with new tasks that we can bring to bear on the sorts of issues our clients are facing.

Another very positive spin-from this is that it will build our own team. We work hard on our team. Like many in the market we rely on a lot of freelancers, but unlike many, we invest heavily in building a genuine team from these freelancers - consistency is very important. So, whereas our everyday work often means we work alone and meet infrequently, this workshop will help to keep us all engaged with each other and moving forward together.