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Lisa joins the full-time team

Lisa has been with us on a temp to perm basis for a couple of months and we liked her so much we’ve jumped to perm sooner rather than later.

Lisa works for Interaction in our project administration team, which means she’s one of the people we rely upon to get everybody and everything to the right place at the right time, with all our materials and resources looking good.

Throughout our growth we’ve always focused on providing bomb-proof project management. Most our projects are large roll-outs to large clients and there is plenty that could go wrong. No insult intended to our facilitators (we think you are great) but they tend to be more at the fluffy end of the spectrum, and they need the likes of Lisa to make sure it’s all coming together well, things look professional, and participants can arrive on a programme feeling well informed and looked after.

Lisa’s got a cool head, and manages everything very well. She’s dead nice too.

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