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Back from Brasil

I’ve just returned from Brasil where I’ve been leading a trek in the mountains for people raising money for a charity. It’s been a great experience. I do it for fun really: It combines my own interest and experience in travel and the outdoors, with my experience of working with groups, and the satisfaction of introducing people to new things and learning.

Meanwhile in the office, everyone has been busy. We’ve landed some new work with existing clients and we have proposals in for my new work with both new and existing clients.

The business simulation we developed went really well, and we feel this is easily transportable to other clients and target groups and could be augmented with additional observation and feedback, and psychometrics.

Also new, and all happening while I was away, is our new 360 degree feedback tool. We now have the facility to deliver bespoke 360 degree feedback online and we ran this for a client a couple of weeks ago. The output was useful, and we’re also very please with the presentation of the material - online and in hard copy.