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Graduates and new talent development

We love working with new talent; in fact we’ve won awards for it. We’ve been helping graduates, apprentices and school leavers hit the ground running at work for over 20 years. Many of our programmes are large multi-year modular programmes, but we’re also renowned for our stand-alone business-focused induction module that helps new-starters get under the skin of the business and showcase their talent to the wider business.

These are exciting times - there’s never been such a strong focus on ‘growing your own’ to feed the talent pipeline; but it’s also a pretty tough environment for those starting their careers. Expectations around ROI and workloads are high, and the climate’s pretty challenging too with many different generations working alongside each other.

So not only do our programmes focus on:

  • transitioning – helping people adapt from the academic world to that of work, to learn for themselves, stand on their own two feet and drive their own development
  • behaviour matters – it’s not just what you know, but how you go about things that makes a difference, landing the message that emotional intelligence is essential for success

But we also help people work effectively within a multi-generational workforce, helping both young talent and their managers alike to dispel myths, understand difference and adapt to meet different styles and approaches.