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Tools and methods

We're not interested in fads and phases - we are only interested in doing things well.

We'll start by understanding what the job is, then we'll select the tools and approaches to get it done.

Follow the links below to explore a cross-section of the methods we use to help people learn:

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Open programmes

Core content

Understanding myself - 2 days

This module helps graduates to gain self awareness and awareness of the impact they have on others as well as clarity about their development needs. The graduates learn about themselves and understand the importance of taking responsibility for managing their own learning and development.

Commercial awareness - 2 days

This module provides graduates with business awareness and commercial skills. The purpose is to create an understanding of key financial and strategic measures used within organisations. With a strong emphasis on application, the graduates develop a deep understanding of the key drivers and metrics within their own business.

Working in teams - 3 days

One of the most common development needs identified by employers for new graduates is integrating into established teams. This module focuses on developing an understanding of high performance team working and starts to explore the behaviours needed to lead teams in the future.

Influencing - 3 days

A big challenge for any new graduate joining an organisation is how to make an impact and influence more experienced colleagues to achieve results. They often lack assertiveness and confidence. Using a creative approach, graduates learn how to influence people in different levels and parts of the organisation.