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Tools and methods

We're not interested in fads and phases - we are only interested in doing things well.

We'll start by understanding what the job is, then we'll select the tools and approaches to get it done.

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Detailed information


You will be a HR or training professional working at a strategic level within your organisation. You will get most benefit from the programme if you’re involved in developing the HR/training strategy for the business and have to work with a wide range of line managers across your organisation.

We’re looking for a mix of participants in similar roles to enable people to share their ideas and experiences and learn from each other.

There will be no more than 12 participants on each programme.

How it works

The programme will be intensive and focus on your individual issues. You will work closely with the facilitators and other participants. A two day group workshop will be blended with 1:1 discussions and coaching to enable you to get the most out of your time. There are three clear stages:


Before the workshop, we’ll contact you to discuss exactly what you need from the programme. There will also be some pre-work to help you develop your strategy during the workshop.


Day one will focus on developing a HR/training strategy in depth and will explore how this links with business goals. Day two will provide you with practical techniques and approaches to develop your ability to work with the people you need to influence and to build credibility across the business.


To help you put the ideas and approaches into practice back at work, one of the facilitators will visit you after the workshop for a coaching session.


We’ve teamed up with an experienced HR Director who will run the programme with Jill Pennington, a director at Interaction.

David Morgan is a highly experienced HR Director and brings extensive experience of working as a senior business partner within international blue chip organisations. Currently working as HR Director within a large catering organisation, David has held positions within a range of business sectors including fmcg (food and drink) and financial services both internationally and in the UK. As a member of senior management teams, he has led HR during significant business changes. These include mergers, acquisitions, and business transformation programmes. David’s approach is highly business focussed and challenging.

Jill Pennington is a Director at Interaction and brings a wealth of experience of working as an internal consultant within large blue chip organisations. Jill has held HR as well as Training roles within organisations which include Ford Motor Company and Grand Metropolitan. At Interaction, Jill is responsible for business development and marketing whilst maintaining a strong focus on client management. She also gets involved in senior 1:1 coaching and facilitation on key client projects, which brings her into contact with a wide range of HR/ training professionals.