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Tools and methods

We're not interested in fads and phases - we are only interested in doing things well.

We'll start by understanding what the job is, then we'll select the tools and approaches to get it done.

Follow the links below to explore a cross-section of the methods we use to help people learn:

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Open programmes

Bespoke elements

This programme can also be delivered in company and tailored to ensure that it reflects the company culture and business issues of the organisation.

When graduates are attending from the same organisation we can tailor the core content and also offer additional modules which might include the following.


The transition from university to working life can be considerable. At university, students are mainly the re-active recipients of learning. The working environment is clearly different and graduates need to learn about more proactive learning.

With a strong focus on taking initiative and leaning how to learn, this module also accelerates the graduates’ understanding of their organisation and introduces them to the behaviours required for working effectively in business teams.

Development centre

When graduates complete development programmes they often describe the experience as falling off a cliff. The end of the structured programme can feel like being abandoned in a development desert.

The development centre enables the business and the graduates to take stock, evaluate performance, consider future development, and manage expectations. The centre gives graduates practical tools to enable graduates to manage their development and career in the future.